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[multifandom but mostly pjo]

His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum.
His jaw dropped. It was Hermione.

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Percy was a lot more than that. Even boyfriend really didn’t cover it. They’d been through so much together, at this point Percy was part of her—a sometimes annoying part, sure, but definitely a part she could not live without.

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HIMYM Original Songs

Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit
Let’s Go to the Mall
Best Night Ever
Sandcastles In the Sand
Two Beavers Are Better Than One
You Just Got Slapped
Bang Bang Bangity Bang
Mosbius Designs Has Failed
Barney Stinson, That Guy’s Awesome
PS I Love You
Marshall VS the Machines
Night Night Little Marvin
Puzzles Theme Song
Super Date

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Don’t blame the world
So you’ve screwed up
But your gonna be ok

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Then leave.

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Ahh.. yeah, well. I’ll spare you the sob story of poor orphan Eugene Fitzherbert. It’s a little bit of a… it’s a little bit of a downer.

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a kingdom of isolation
and it looks like i'm the queen

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Beautiful Cinema - Thor: The Dark World

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015. Clara Oswin Oswald

"Oswald for the win! Oswin!"

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